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Starting today, connect your different distribution channels (Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia... and much more, see the full list), and activate the connection in your Reservotron's session.

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We're happy to annouce MyAllocator integration, allowing you to connect your online travel agencies and Reservotron.

MyAllocator is a 'Channel management system'.

How does it help me?

We understand the management complexity of high granularity inventories (multiple lodgings and sites for instance) through different distribution channels. It implies more time and human resources allocation.
Thanks to this integration, forget about updating your inventory's availabilities, we automate that process.
A full documentation is also available.

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The management solution best suited to the Quebec tourism industry

For individual suppliers

You manage a set of activities, lodgings or equipments. You want to automate its management and the way you share your inventory

For agents or touristic associations

You are an agent or a touristic association distributing your members ' inventory. You want to automate your resellers agreements and the inventory management

The essence of our product

Works anywhere, on every device.

Our web application is available for your desktops, tablets and smart phones.

In the cloud, as a service

No installation needed, no material to buy or maintain.

Fast configuration, fast to adopt

No consultants, customization or workshop needed.

The biggest players in the Quebec tourism industry already trust us

“Unlike other softwares we used before, Reservotron is a user friendly and intuitive software that adapted itself to the particularities of our company. We would recommend it to all companies and businesses operating in the tourism industry.”

Christine Hersberger, Co-Propriétaire.

“All team members agree to say that the management of bookings has been simplified and that it would be unthinkable to return back to our old way.”

Yanick Morin, Co-Propriétaire.

“Reservotron has changed our lives. It’s a great feeling when you get up the first time in the morning, and you realize that multiple bookings have been confirmed and paid online, without your intervention.”

Hugo Lavictoire, Propriétaire.

“Votre système est très bien conçu et vraiment simple à utiliser pour gérer les réservations. Je ne voudrais jamais revenir en arrière! De plus nous avons beaucoup de réservations en ligne, ce qui nous permet de sauver énormément de temps“

Employée à l’accueil au Parc Régional du Poisson Blanc.

“Nous apprécions énormément le fait que nos clients puissent réserver directement en ligne. Même en dehors des heures d’ouvertures, ils peuvent continuer d’effectuer leurs réservations seuls. C’est la preuve que Réservotron est pratique et fonctionne bien.”

Marie-France Tessier, Vallée Bras du Nord