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Starting today, connect your different distribution channels (Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia... and much more, see the full list), and activate the connection in your Reservotron's session.

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We're happy to annouce MyAllocator integration, allowing you to connect your online travel agencies and Reservotron.

MyAllocator is a 'Channel management system'.

How does it help me?

We understand the management complexity of high granularity inventories (multiple lodgings and sites for instance) through different distribution channels. It implies more time and human resources allocation.
Thanks to this integration, forget about updating your inventory's availabilities, we automate that process.
A full documentation is also available.

Discover what possibilites Reservotron offers you, or create a free 30 days account.

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For travel agencies or associations

Reservotron allows you to manage inventories with a high level of granularity.

With more than 10 years of exeprience in the automation business, we offer the opportunity to travel agencies or associations grouping multiple members to share their inventory.


It's now possible for associations or agencies affiliated with local actors to automate their partnership / reseller contracts. You can easily define the terms, commission rates, etc... And then share them.

Moreover, once the reseller contract accepted by both sides, the reseller will be able to access and sell the member's inventory.

The network effect

We are able to create a synergy between all travel actors in a region.

"The network effect". Thanks to the shared inventory feature, both members and agencies will enjoy a greater exposure to the public.

You now understand it, grouping on a single platform all travel actors of an area bring more visits and thus, more revenue.

30 days free trial

Display on your website for free your members' activities, availabilities, lodgings and services schedules

Reservotron offers your members the possibility to manage and display for free their schedules as well as their availabilities in real time in a smooth and convenient manner. Those info can be shared instantaneously through your association's website

Allow your visitors to book from your website your members' activities, lodgings equipments and services.

Thanks to Reservotron, bookings' online payment go directly through the service provider. You don't have any admin task to handle. In addition, each sale's source is saved. Thus, you can contact directly your visitors in the future in order to gather feedbacks and send them new offers.

Create taylor made bundles gathering multiple members' offers.

Bundles simplify your visitors' itineraries choices and create exceptional travel experiences than really match their expectations. Reservotron free you from admin tasks related to bundles management. Each bundle bill is split among your members, separately.

We built Reservotron in order for you to handle any kind of booking or promotion scenarii. Our team is expert in tourist booking management platform. We'd love to get in touch with you and see how we can help!

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