Connect all your online travel agencies

Starting today, connect your different distribution channels (Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia... and much more, see the full list), and activate the connection in your Reservotron's session.

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We're happy to annouce MyAllocator integration, allowing you to connect your online travel agencies and Reservotron.

MyAllocator is a 'Channel management system'.

How does it help me?

We understand the management complexity of high granularity inventories (multiple lodgings and sites for instance) through different distribution channels. It implies more time and human resources allocation.
Thanks to this integration, forget about updating your inventory's availabilities, we automate that process.
A full documentation is also available.

Discover what possibilites Reservotron offers you, or create a free 30 days account.

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Features: what you really get


Online booking software

One system for all your bookings

Reservotron takes both online orders and orders created by your staff.

Reservotron offers an optimized interface, to increase efficiency and booking speed over the phone and in person.


Fully customizable automated emails

Never forget or miss to send a follow-up to the customer

Reservotron sends confirmations, invoices, payment receipts, notices of cancellations, reminders before a booked date, and follow-up after the departure of your customers, for you.


Manage your availabilities

Eliminate overbookings

You only need to specify your availabilities and Reservotron will ensure not to exceed them.

At any time, you can increase or decrease availabilities, depending on your ressources.


An invoice for everything

One platform to easily manage your sites, accommodations, activities, and equipments

Your customers will receive the order confirmation, invoice by email. The customer can refer to it to remember the details of the purchases in your facility.


Tailored reports

Change your vision of your business

We measure each transaction through each single one of your offers, so that you can see your performance over time, through all kinds of offers, and through distribution channels.


Customer relationships management

Follow the purchase history of your customers

Explore a complete archive of all your old customers to send them special offers and other incentives so they come back to visit you.

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All your distribution channels linked

Starting today, link all your Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and Reservotron thanks to MyAllocator, the best Channel Management System (PMS) in the industry.

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Why do I benefit from this feature?

Because managing lodgings and mutliple sites availabilities across different channels such as Booking.com, Agoda, Airbnb or Expedia, is painful.


More than 100 channels,
see the full list


Link your Reservotron's account and other channels

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Autmotate your inventory's availabilities

All the advantages of a modern web application

Multilingual software

Reservotron is available in English and French. You can display your content in the language of your customers to facilitate your communications.


Reservotron uses an SSL 128 bit encryption to ensure the security of online transactions.

Easy to use

So easy to use, that most of our customers make their first booking on the day of the registration.

Whether it is for daily operations, or for the production of detailed management reports, everything has been designed to make your job easier.

You do not have to install any software or buy a server. Welcome to the cloud era!

Your entire team will thank you.

Works anywhere, on any device

Your customers, tour guides and yourself will be able to take reservations from remote sites, on the road, at all times.

Regardless of the device you have, as long as it is connected to the internet, you will be able to manage your business and its operations.

You can even set Reservotron to alert you via email when events affecting your operations occur.

Access and control

Each user of the system has only access to the informations and features that are necessary in the course of his tasks and responsibilities.

Reservotron also keeps track of all transactions made in the system for audit purposes.

Real-time management

Give your team access to the bookings at any time.

Eliminate the need for different sites to constantly communication with the reception.

Employees can check and manage bookings where they are, using a tablet or smartphone.

Open an account, configure your inventory and start automating your business starting today