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Starting today, connect your different distribution channels (Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia... and much more, see the full list), and activate the connection in your Reservotron's session.

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We're happy to annouce MyAllocator integration, allowing you to connect your online travel agencies and Reservotron.

MyAllocator is a 'Channel management system'.

How does it help me?

We understand the management complexity of high granularity inventories (multiple lodgings and sites for instance) through different distribution channels. It implies more time and human resources allocation.
Thanks to this integration, forget about updating your inventory's availabilities, we automate that process.
A full documentation is also available.

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Free yourself from your office thanks to Reservotron

“Reservotron is a simple and effective way to increase our turnover”

Mer et Monde is located at the Bergeronnes, at L’Anse à Cave. An enchanting site where it is possible to closely observe whales, in their natural habitat. The company operates a campground and offers many activities, including guided kayak tours, guided stand up paddleboard trips, and walks in nature.

Christine and Mathieu, owners of Mer et Monde écotours, have always been avant garde persons. They tried several online booking solutions, but none had met their needs yet. Regardless of the software used, employees had to continue taking reservations by phone, which led to a heavy workload and lots of frustrations.

Since they started using Reservotron, the management of campsites and activities’ booking has completely changed. Here’s what they say about it:

“It works so well! This year, in comparison to the previous year, we doubled our sales before the beginning of the season. All the sales have been done online, by our customers, without needing an intervention from our staff. Without Reservotron, we would have to hire one or two full-time employees for three months to answer the reservation phone calls.”
“Customers used to often call us to reserve sites that were no longer available. Thanks to Reservotron, our customers can now see the availabilities directly on the website themselves.”

Christine and Mathieu are glad they have chosen the Reservotron booking solution.

“It’s better for us and for our clients.”
“Unlike other softwares we used before, Reservotron is a user friendly and intuitive software that adapted itself to the particularities of our company. We would recommend it to all companies and businesses operating in the tourism industry.”